Tis the nickname page!!! If I miss any just comment.

Me (Rocked01)- Stonez, Slick, Crazy

Gamerz- Cardboard Boy (don’t ask)

Vendetta- V

Lil Blue- Shirlz, chukie, lil pink, pink beast, lil bloo, lil, lil lag, blue

Rockchickxoxo- RC

Crab- Crabalicious

Show Stopper- Blaze, SS, Mr. Cookie, and Taz, Showlina

Jeff- Sandman

Torgo- Torgey Bear

oxoTammyoxo- Hammy, Ham, Tamitha, Tommy, Tum Tum

Redguin12- rg, red, Cobra, rango

Cazmo Mayor, CM, Goat Milk Guy, Captain America

Nolaurator- Nol, Nolz, Nolzu, Nol Zoo, Nolly

Monicaoxox- loudmouth

Champions- Champ

Soccer- Soc

Wyse- Wyse Chips

So yeah if you have anymore just comment. 🙂


22 responses

29 06 2008

lol i have alot- Blaze, ss, Mr. cookie and Taz. btw , its show stopper here.

30 06 2008

Here are tammy’s nicknames: Hammy, Ham, Tamitha, tommy, tum tum,

30 06 2008

can u add my site to ur blogroll?
Stonez: Possibly…

7 07 2008
Cazmo Mayor

mine are Goat Milk Guy, CM, and Captain America…lol im going USA lately

8 07 2008
lil blue

lol my nicknames r: chukie,shrilz,lil pink,pink beast,lil bloo,lil,lil lag,blue…
idk why i got so many

13 07 2008
Nolaurator PCAP 007

Nol, Nolz, Nolzu, Nol Zoo, Nolly. *Phew*

15 07 2008

monica is loudmouth

19 07 2008

I call Show Stopper Showlina write that down.


26 07 2008

Chuckie for lil blue.

26 07 2008

champ for me

4 08 2008


5 08 2008

I have a nickname! My name is Redguin12 my nickname is rg, red,Cobra, and rango

10 08 2008
\/\/y$e AKA MRR

My nick name is Wyse-chips. I named my mii Wyse Chips. Mii is a thing for NINTENDO Wii In case u don’t know.
– Wyse-

31 08 2008
mutermute not logged in

Awesome site 😉

9 09 2008
Ambassador Nolaurator

STONZ lol, monica is monz, mon, miss monz, or monzter, not loudmouth.

10 09 2008

Scientistxoxo-Dr S

10 09 2008

monica monz molly

10 09 2008

les paul: pually pualie pocket pulina

15 09 2008

Millionare-Mill, Milliness lolz

2 10 2008

Banilla-Banni, Bani, Ban Ban, BAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNIIIIIIIIIII, and French Banilla cappucino 😀

17 11 2008
Yoda Ghost

u forgot me yoda ghost: YG, Yoda, Yodey Ghosty, Ghost

17 11 2008
Yoda Ghost

oh and i forgot. mort is another nickname

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